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19 September 2009 @ 02:25 pm
Sad whales...  
 I told my friend that I would draw happy unicorns if I won the post and sad whales if I lost.

Well... it's time to draw sad whales.

I can't believe it... Out of nearly 15 posts, we only won 4! FOUR!

I honestly wouldn't mind it if the posts they won went to capable people but to be honest, a lot of them are fresh and lost. I don't think they even clearly know all their duties as members of the student council. In contrast with the very capable people that we have in out party.

But the election was screwed up anyway. The DRO and the ARO were biased towards the other party. The students which are supposed to be "the best and the brightest" chose to vote for the party with lights on their board. So much for democracy. I'll just wait and see how next year's student council will slowly degenerate into nothing that this years council members worked so hard to build up. Especially a certain division that I hold very dearly to my heart. The people that won did not deserve it as much as the people in my party did.

Apparently, we lost by relatively small margins. Like around 50 votes or so. But then again, a lot of the students just didn't give a damn about student elections. We approached them to ask if they were even aware of what was going on and some merely replied, "I don't care!". It was so demotivating and seeing people's sour faces didn't make me feel like approaching them anymore.

Running in the elections was a good experience nevertheless, I managed to make new friends and formed close bonds with some of them, what with the 3 weeks we were together nearly everyday on the days leading up to campaign period and the campaigning period itself. Making fools of ourselves together, laughing and having fun <3 That makes running worth it I guess. I'm actually going to miss the fact that I won't be spending as much time with them as I did. What with class and assignments and finals coming up =P

Last night I drove home at my latest time ever xP 11.30 pm. Was out at the after non-party with the party members and some of the current student council to just chat and de-stress somewhat. When our president got the call and started to announce results, huddled together, hands clasped tightly, makes we warm to see how far we have come as a team. And.... It was quite amusing really so see what happens when guys drink one to many beers. I didn't drive to the venue but followed one of our guy friends there. He refused to get off his butt even after having about 5 bottles of beer. And then he went sky high. Totally out of it, signing and talking nonsense. But he still managed to get Caryn and I back to campus safely. Gotta respect guys for being able to hold their alcohol =/ Caryn was totally made to drink but I was only allowed a few sips >_> Just as well, low tolerance level and I was supposed to be driving. One of my friends wrestled the bottle away from me =P Made me look like some alcoholic drunkie. But I just wanted to emo the night away with everyone else. We were all really disappointed basically D=

Since elections are now over, I really have to catch up on all the work that I've yet to do =P I think all of us made sacrifices that may not have resulted in good outcomes but there was probably a silver lining in there somewhere... 

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