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20 July 2009 @ 09:41 pm
My one month "winter" break just came to an end like that. And now I'm thrown back into the madness that is uni 0_o It's only the first day, but seeing all the assignment deadlines and fat heavy freaking expensive books makes me flail in panic. I mean, I have a lovely auto-allocated 3 and 1/2 hour of lecture on Thursday morning and that just makes my semester! NOT >P

My results for the previous semester is fairly okay. I've been hearing people tell others "OMG I failed subject X!" all day so I will be grateful for what I get even though it's no where near awesome.....

Managed to catch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie yesterday as a way to mark the end of my break. I left the cinema hall feeling slightly cheated because despite being a 2 and 1/2 hour long movie, I didn't feel like I watched anything happen at all. The only parts that made the movie worthwhile for me is when Tom Felton gets close ups. He's blonde haired and blue eyed <3 Sushi likes.....

I hope I'll be okay this semester... >_<

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09 July 2009 @ 11:52 am

One Margarita. And then I went all tipsy last night 0_o Went out with some close girl friend last night and had Mexican food. It was good =) Addy wanted to try Margarita and since it was buy one, free one I ordered one to and shared it with Caryn. I think the second margarita was a mistake for me. I could still think straight, but I couldn't walk straight. And ended up tripping in front of everybody in the restaurant on my way to the loo. I could still get up and laugh after I fell even though my palm hurt cause I used it to break my fall T-T I recall talking a lot of rubbish, something about NEWS was thrown in there. Oh yeah, I was wondering how people could drink on a daily basis. Then again, that was my first margarita. I'm not an avid drinker and I really can't hold alcohol like I thought I could =/

After I fell, I caught the attention of some despo creep who though we were all drunk or something and proceeded to send his name card over. It was funny until he did it again >_> He sent 2 cards to my friend and then bought her a drink. And then came over to talk to her even. But he left when Addy's boyfriend came to sit with us. He was quite annoyed with the dude and kept sending him glares. Moral of the night, don't feed Sushi drinks with alcohol in it unless you plan on carrying her around =D

As a bonus...

Here is the view of the beach from my room at Nexus in Kota Kinabalu. It was lovely <3 I went there last weekend for a short holiday to relax by the beach but mostly hid under the shade because it was burning hot =P I think this is the most gorgeous beach I've been to in this country. And it's clean! But has jellyfish.... I think.
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30 June 2009 @ 06:44 pm


It was awesome! (Like Transformers but giant alien robots pwns a heavy paintball marker anytime XD)

I could barely drag myself out of bed this morning but miraculously I managed to get ready. We had our game all the way in Sungai Buloh which was quite far from campus. So nearly 40 of us set out in 8 cars when renting a bus seemed more logical on account of the people who kept getting left behind. Our darling driver kept overtaking the lead car to the point of us leading for a bit. But we had GPS so nothing to fear >D

I was quite worried about extreme pain so I ended up wearing 4 layers of clothing which later on, nearly made me sick during the first round because it was hot enough as it is. So I took of one sweater and continued playing. I got shot but it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. Probably cause we were only allowed to shoot another person from 10 feet away. It only hurt when the pellets don't explode upon impact. Which happened a lot. I mostly got shot on my left side due to my tendency to lean towards the left of trees. Oh and some fool kept shooting me despite I signaled that I was out >_>

We played eimination (no flag capture) and the girls on my team were mostly the last few left standing. It's because the guys all charge in all gung ho while we mostly stayed behind the bunkers until the opposing team came closer to us XD Though sometimes, we can't tell who's who. Especially in the jungle. Which apparently has tigers and monkeys and Tranformers but I saw noneeeeee.

See fila ! I didn't just hide till everyone died! I went out and got shot before everyone else could die XD

Given the chance I would play again but the fact that I am still physically unfit doesn't change =P

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26 June 2009 @ 11:19 pm



Criss you have to watch it now! Criss you must watchhhhhhh!

I don't want to spoil anything but I was like @___@ most of the time during the movie. Maybe it was all the explosions... But still. Excessive explosions are okay as long as it involves giant alien robots! <3

Criss you must watch!

And even if it's not awesome to you, you need to still come back and tell me it was awesome because in my opinion, it was awesome!

Josh Duhamel needs more screen time though... Such a hottie XD

Also, I finally got around to watching Rookies. It was good. Not as awesomely good as giant alien robots but still good. A lot of angst and pain though...
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19 June 2009 @ 11:23 am

My first semester is over! Now I have nearly a month to relax and do nothing. I'll let my brain rot away in preparation for the next semester!

Never in my life had I been so terrified of sitting for an exam before >_< Especially Management. I was so nervous and felt like barfing the entire morning before the paper. I couldn't sleep the night before as well. Then again, I couldn't sleep the night before any of my papers. Honestly, I think the only thing I can remember from my Management lectures is that it's okay to steal bicycles in Japan and that all Japanese girls absolutely must have an LV bag or they will be shamed... I will miss her though XD She would go on and on about Japan until she forgets to move on to the next point ^_^"

So yesterday, I happily came home and sat in front of my laptop thinking I could use it without feeling guilty when I discover that there was NO connection! It was horrifying and probably divine punishment for using the com while I was suppose to study. Kinda like the paper cut I got right before my Business Stats exam because I was looking at magazines instead.... My fault >P

I'm really looking forward to Tranforsmers: Revenge of the Fallen when it hits local cinemas! I've been waiting since the last movie for this movie because I love giant robots *_* Also looking forward to the return of some friends from Australia but I'll be keeping away from them for a week or so in account of swine flu =P Stupid pig flu...

And... I'm going for paintball next week! I'm surprised myself because I hate running about in the sun. And paintball involves running around in the sun carrying a heavy paintball gun with the prospect of being shot by people =.=' Maybe I'll just hide until all the other players die...


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13 May 2009 @ 09:44 am
=/ Have been sitting here for the past hour and a half trying to solve a cash budget problem..... My brain does not seem to know how to function well with something I am suppose to be majoring in....

It's because I didn't hit my head a lot when I was younger. My friends and I were discussing the other day how they used to run into poles for fun and hitting their heads. These people today are now high achievers in their studies.... Since I didn't hit my head as much, the brain cells don't function as well  =P Or so our theory goes....

I refuse to repeat any horrendous subject!

And so... I shall continue with my cash budget =D




By the way, I think I screwed up my entrance exam papers last week so.... I'll probably be staying local but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for student exchange next year XD
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29 April 2009 @ 08:55 am
For some reason... I cannot access LJ from my home because my internet connection just keeps timing it out. Anyone know why?

So now I usually check LJ on campus... But time is limited. And I prefer the comforts of home because my friends can't look over my back and point and laugh at.... stuff =.="

I think it's a sign telling me to actually start my assignments.... >_>

I can't help taking my naps though <3

I should use my time now to start interpreting regression.... Yes... I must.... *_*

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11 April 2009 @ 02:28 pm
Yay! Easter break is here!

A break with lots of work to do >_>

Obviously, breaks are now meant to be used to catch up on left behind work and not actually for taking a break anymore... Speaking of breaks, I'm in the mood for Kit-Kat... =/ My house is lacking chocolates. I need to live near a chocolatier some day =D Addy promised me lots of Aussie chocos when she comes back for semester break though <3 I look forward to eating frog shaped chocolates XD

I volunteered at PAWS, an animal shelter for this Friday! Puppies <3 POOP! *______* Yes... my idea of spending my Easter break is playing with puppies cleaning poop ! =3

I'm strangely addicted to NEWS' Koi no ABO... =/ This is strange considering I found it really dumb. I still do but after watching it for the billionth time, I began to appreciated all the small gestures weird faces the members make.... =D

Oh yes, NTU shortlisted me to take an entrance exam in May =/ Increase of burden! Now I have to relearn Add Math in a month. Because really, I'm stoopid in Math.... *sigh*

Off to complete tutorial work... =) Yes! I actually do tutorial work =/

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26 March 2009 @ 10:29 am
Har Loh is a stupid boy that is reading out everything that I am typing now. He is so stupid that he has nothing better to do when he is suppose to be preparing out accounts presentation so I decided to load NEWS videos on Youtube only to have the stupid boy insult NEWS. And I can't even play any songs with him mutilating it or he starts playing his stupid God knows what songs.

He is continuing being stupid by reading off my back.

Stupid boys.

And he mutilated Koyama's name into a very not nice word in Chinese.


And all this is taking place now in the library! XD
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10 March 2009 @ 09:32 pm
I fail at using Microsoft Excel T_______T Really really fail terribly badly at it. I am currently glaring staring at the spreadsheet with all the data already typed out in it waiting for a sudden epiphany as to how to answer the questions and draw beautiful graphs of which I have no idea how to at all.

>______________> I knew I wouldn't like Business Stats even before I learnt that it was a compulsory subject. Now, I is dying trying to figure out how to do my work.

=D On the other hand, I decided to join Leo Club so I can finally take part in charity work. Or rather, their booth had pictures of puppies plastered all over and it pulled me in to join the club at the prospect of playing with puppies <3 Puppies wouldn't care if I don't know how to use Excel.

I need to continue staring at the spreadsheet now and wait for my epiphany...

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