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14 February 2010 @ 11:06 pm
 Happy Chinese New Year


Happy Valentine's Day!

May we all have a ~roar roar~ year in conjunction with the year of the tiger =)

A two in one holiday doesn't sit well with me this time around though >_< No Valentine's date this year with the boyfriend... Choose to spend it with family instead so will be going on a post-Valentine's celebration. Besides... Showing affection should not be restricted to only once a year because of some dude that existed looong ago =P

I realize, I have not updated since last year. Probably because I'm still on summer break and my brain is rotting and there's nothing actually interesting enough to post about =/ My life is pretty quiet at the moment. But I'm expecting all the unhappy stress induces bouts of "I don't want to study  no more!" to start up again come March once the semester starts. And... I'm actually looking forward to it @_@ Being a vegetable is only fun for a day or two. Not 3 months!
25 December 2009 @ 04:40 pm
 Merry Christmas!

May you all have a joyful and wonderful Christmas holiday and and even better New Year ahead! =)

Warmest wishes from Sushi!~
01 December 2009 @ 11:42 am
So my summer break started about a month ago and I've been rotting away all this time hence I never found the urge to update my journal. Or rather, stuff happened but I was just too lazy to update on it >_>

Anyway, the "biggest" event so far was just my trip to Penang with my Welfare committee. It was memorable to say the least xD

See, this is the lovely bunch of people I argued and worked with and had fun with and made good memories with throughout my first year in university. A lot of us would be going separate ways in the student council next year so this would be our last group activity together >_<

That aside, results coming out this Friday! I ish very worried for Business Law........
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09 November 2009 @ 08:42 pm
 I spent my birthday studying accounts with Caryn and Pei Yee today =.=' Crappy birthday had to fall in the middle of exam periods again =/ I'll probably have to deal with it for another 2 years. Accounting students are so tortured =P

Was woken up by a phone call from my two lovely friends still in Australia. LOL. Still waiting for one more phone call from London. Keeping my fingers crossed she makes it before midnight.

Thank you to the lovely people who remembered to wish me despite cramming for exams!

And off I go to do accounts again.....


Revising accounts sometimes makes me feel like switching to an easier major. Thank goodness for electives.
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02 November 2009 @ 10:57 pm
 So today, while I was on campus sitting for my Macroeconomics exam, my German Shepherd died. She was 12 human years old =( She was very old. And it is not fair that I didn't get to see her before she passed away. Nope. It's because I was busy cracking my brain for my Macro paper in which I did my last question in 10 minutes and didn't know what nonsense I wrote down. I was brain dead by the end of the 3 hours =P

And after my dog passed away, we dug out her pedigree certificate and discovered that her registered name was actually Rubyshane Delphine. Pedigrees and their weird names... >_> To me, she was just Waris =)

I am sad =(

I want my dog.

And blah to two more papers to sit for!

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27 September 2009 @ 10:02 pm
 Once again, a mid-semester break does not equal to a break. Work, work, work. Assignments, assignments, assignments. Presentation, presentation, presentation. I look forward to after my final exams where I can finally let my brain rot away without feeling any guilt =P Am currently feeling quite distressed with the large amount of topics I have to cover for finals. I did study more consistently than last semester but the subjects just feel much heavier >_<

Thankfully, I do have some sorta activities to keep me contacted with the outside human race. Going to an animal shelter tomorrow to paint walls and clean poop! And next Sunday would be the day of the Leo Club's annual Walkathon! I'm suppose to emcee again but I don't know nuts at the moment. I hope I don't end up going onstage only to go @___@ at everyone. Knowing me, it's a possibility. Then again, I tend to spout nonsense under pressure, like at the Women's Officer debate >_< I'm going to pretend that the reason I lost the post by 28 votes is because they dragged girls to go and vote for them, but I was civilized enough not to do that. See! Who's the better lady >_> 

And I haven't done a meme in ages but because aicchi  tagged me, I will comply. Besides, it's a short one =P

FIRST: If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any questions that you dislike with an original one.

SECOND: Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do and don't tag who tagged you.

On to the questions...Collapse )

I should try and finish up at least one tutorial work tonight...


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19 September 2009 @ 02:25 pm
 I told my friend that I would draw happy unicorns if I won the post and sad whales if I lost.

Well... it's time to draw sad whales.

I can't believe it... Out of nearly 15 posts, we only won 4! FOUR!

I honestly wouldn't mind it if the posts they won went to capable people but to be honest, a lot of them are fresh and lost. I don't think they even clearly know all their duties as members of the student council. In contrast with the very capable people that we have in out party.

But the election was screwed up anyway. The DRO and the ARO were biased towards the other party. The students which are supposed to be "the best and the brightest" chose to vote for the party with lights on their board. So much for democracy. I'll just wait and see how next year's student council will slowly degenerate into nothing that this years council members worked so hard to build up. Especially a certain division that I hold very dearly to my heart. The people that won did not deserve it as much as the people in my party did.

Apparently, we lost by relatively small margins. Like around 50 votes or so. But then again, a lot of the students just didn't give a damn about student elections. We approached them to ask if they were even aware of what was going on and some merely replied, "I don't care!". It was so demotivating and seeing people's sour faces didn't make me feel like approaching them anymore.

Running in the elections was a good experience nevertheless, I managed to make new friends and formed close bonds with some of them, what with the 3 weeks we were together nearly everyday on the days leading up to campaign period and the campaigning period itself. Making fools of ourselves together, laughing and having fun <3 That makes running worth it I guess. I'm actually going to miss the fact that I won't be spending as much time with them as I did. What with class and assignments and finals coming up =P

Last night I drove home at my latest time ever xP 11.30 pm. Was out at the after non-party with the party members and some of the current student council to just chat and de-stress somewhat. When our president got the call and started to announce results, huddled together, hands clasped tightly, makes we warm to see how far we have come as a team. And.... It was quite amusing really so see what happens when guys drink one to many beers. I didn't drive to the venue but followed one of our guy friends there. He refused to get off his butt even after having about 5 bottles of beer. And then he went sky high. Totally out of it, signing and talking nonsense. But he still managed to get Caryn and I back to campus safely. Gotta respect guys for being able to hold their alcohol =/ Caryn was totally made to drink but I was only allowed a few sips >_> Just as well, low tolerance level and I was supposed to be driving. One of my friends wrestled the bottle away from me =P Made me look like some alcoholic drunkie. But I just wanted to emo the night away with everyone else. We were all really disappointed basically D=

Since elections are now over, I really have to catch up on all the work that I've yet to do =P I think all of us made sacrifices that may not have resulted in good outcomes but there was probably a silver lining in there somewhere... 

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29 August 2009 @ 08:07 pm
Finally had a bonding session with some of the members of the party I'm running with. They're actually really nice people =) Even the president dude who took over our previous party leader. We spent most of the time laughing at all the scenarios that we could think up of during the campaign/polling week. I'm actually looking forward to it. It would definitely be an experience. And, making friends along the way is always a plus point. I think there's only a handful of freshies in the party. Including Caryn and I. In the course of registration until now, I have learnt that power hungry people can be so childish. But my partner and I are just taking things as it comes =) The main purpose that I'm running is to serve the students anyway. Things weren't so smooth by the way. I stupidly got a guy to nominate me for my post as Wom*n's Officer so my nomination was initially rejected. So I had to write an appeal letter and thankfully, all of us who messed up our forms were given a second chance to re-do it. But not without incurring a penalty of course. I may be banned from campaigning for a day or two??? But better one candidate than the entire party...

My best friend called from London yesterday and we talked until my phone cut us off =) I haven't heard her voice since she left last year, but nothing has changed. She's still the same and being in a foreign country hasn't changed her one bit. Except that she has picked up that British accent, hence she sounds arrogant now xD I always get these arrogant vibes from Asians who attempt to speak with a Western accent. They try so hard to be people whom they aren't =P

And, I ate parfait yesterday! So happy =D I've been needing a pick me up lately...

I have a box.

The box has been sealed.

Pushed into the dark corners of my mind.

And so, I'll let go.


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17 August 2009 @ 11:28 am
 I am not amused.

This is so ridiculous.

And stupid.

Bleh >P

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12 August 2009 @ 09:03 am
 My pendrive died. All my school work info died. All my tutorial homework died. The fucking pendrive won't reformat so I don't even have anything to save my work in anymore.

And no, I have no backup.

This is a painful reminder of why technology cannot be trusted.

I'm going to step on my pendrive and shove it in the bin. And then buy a new one.

But now I'm terrified that my Microsoft OS would have whatever virus my pendrive had too.

Stupid Microsoft and their stupid viruses and the stupid people who create them because they have no stupid lives.

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