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02 November 2009 @ 10:57 pm
Memorial of Rubyshane Delphine  
 So today, while I was on campus sitting for my Macroeconomics exam, my German Shepherd died. She was 12 human years old =( She was very old. And it is not fair that I didn't get to see her before she passed away. Nope. It's because I was busy cracking my brain for my Macro paper in which I did my last question in 10 minutes and didn't know what nonsense I wrote down. I was brain dead by the end of the 3 hours =P

And after my dog passed away, we dug out her pedigree certificate and discovered that her registered name was actually Rubyshane Delphine. Pedigrees and their weird names... >_> To me, she was just Waris =)

I am sad =(

I want my dog.

And blah to two more papers to sit for!

Current Mood: sadsad
Sushi-chama: Cookiessushi_dono on November 3rd, 2009 12:30 pm (UTC)
Re: hello
Thank you Addy =) For leaving a comment and sparing a thought for my dog. I'm sure she appreciates it like I do.

It's not a good month I suppose =( And my dog was old and suffering. I think I was sadder when she was alive and sad. Now she's resting in peace. And I can still "visit" her cause she's buried in my back yard. Thank goodness for large garden space. I will protest and tie myself to the house if my family ever decides to move =P

Love you lots too,
Shu Shan.